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Port overpass to be named after late Commissioner Lee Smith

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

At the Port of Beaumont’s regularly scheduled board meeting on February 28, commissioners voted to name the soon-to-be complete Carroll Street overpass after late Commissioner Lee Smith.

“This overpass, which will connect different parts of the port for the seamless movement of goods, is symbolic of Commissioner Smith’s personality,” said President of the Board Georgine Guillory. “He was a connector.”

Construction of the overpass began in 2020 and was funded by a combination of general obligation bonds, a $10 million

TxDOT grant, and Port revenues. The new overpass will be used to transport cargo to and from different Port terminals and will allow users to bypass railroad tracks that divide the Port and block access gates when occupied by a train.

“Lee served the Port for almost 20 years and was the first African American board president,” said Guillory, “He would proud to know his legacy will live on in this way.”

The Lee Smith Overpass will be dedicated in March 2022.


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