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Four Southeast Texas Ports Receive $66 Million in State Grants for Infrastructure and Connectivity Projects

Updated: Jun 5

ORANGE, TX – December 18, 2023 – The Southeast Texas ports of Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur, and Sabine Pass collaborated to celebrate the recent efforts of Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan, Senator Robert Nichols, Senator Brandon Creighton, and Representative Christian Manual, that led to $240 million in appropriations for port infrastructure and connectivity projects.


For the first time in the state’s history, the Texas Legislature funded the Port Access Improvement Fund, which allowed the Texas Department of Transportation to award $240 million in grants to 13 ports, funding a portion of 30 significant infrastructure and connectivity projects along the Texas coast.


“Texas ports contribute more than $449 billion to the state economy each year and support 1.8 million jobs in the state,” said Port of Beaumont Board President Bill Darling. “With this investment into port infrastructure, those numbers will continue to increase.”


Of the $240 million, $66 million will stay in Southeast Texas, funding a portion of six projects in the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, and Sabine Pass areas.


Projects being funded include:


Port of Beaumont | Lot 15 Paving Project

The Lot 15 Paving Project includes hard surfacing 18.2 acres of land, which will increase laydown capacity, decrease congestion in and around the port, and improve safety in the surrounding area by doubling as a truck queuing area.



GRANT: $22.4 million

PORT MATCH: $6.6 million


Port of Beaumont | Truck Access Improvement Project

The Truck Access Improvement Project will improve safety in and around the port and includes resurfacing a portion of Franklin Street from Neches Street to the Port of Beaumont’s main gate, which is a primary truck route into the port; the addition of a traffic light at Blanchette and Pennsylvania; the addition of a traffic light at Emmett and Pennsylvania; and the softening of the corner at Pennsylvania and Blanchette to provide more direct access for trucks entering the Port from the existing truck queuing area on Emmett and Pennsylvania.



GRANT: $1.6 million

PORT MATCH: $400 thousand


Port of Orange | Project Cargo Loading Facility

The Project Cargo Loading Facility Project includes removing and replacing failing concrete, stabilizing the surrounding soil, and installing new piles. The project will restore barge service along the Sabine River and establish a dual dock accommodating container on barge operation and project cargo loading area. The project will reduce waterway and highway congestion, support economic development, and create local jobs. 



GRANT: $15.4 million

PORT MATCH: $4.6 million


Port of Orange | Dravo Peninsula 10-Acre Truck Queuing Area

The Dravo Peninsula 10-acre Truck Queuing Area will reduce truck congestion in and around the Port, lower diesel emissions, and improve logistics and efficiency in moving cargo to and from the Waterway. The project will also support economic development and create new jobs, while fueling additional growth in Orange County.



GRANT: $2.7 million

PORT MATCH: $694 thousand


Port of Port Arthur | Westside Flyover Project   

The Westside Flyover Project includes construction of an overpass that will address port access and freight transportation challenges, improve safety in and around the Port, reduce congestion, and support local job creation and revitalization.



GRANT: $19.6 million

PORT MATCH: $4.8 million


Port of Sabine Pass | Bulkhead Project  

The Sabine Pass Bulkhead Project includes construction of a 900-foot sheet pile bulkhead to moor and stage tugboats, barges and other vessels. Construction of the bulkhead will improve safety, efficiency and reliability of loading and unloading operations at the Port.



GRANT: $4.6 million

PORT MATCH: $1.4 million


As Southeast Texas continues to experience industrial growth, Texas ports will continue to expand upon their abilities to serve the region. With more than $80 billion in current and proposed projects along the Sabine-Neches Waterway, the health of our seaports has never been more important. 

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